Welcome to Odyssey Middle 2018!  

We are so glad you’re here! Our expectations for Odyssey students are very high. Because you are so amazing, we offer you this enriching, fun program every summer – free of charge – on this beautiful campus.

Wait a second. FREE? As you should know, nothing comes for free; YOU have to do your part.

We DO NOT TOLERATE running/screaming inside buildings, foul language, fighting, damage to school property, non-instructional usage of cell phones in class, disrespect to any adult on campus, or any inappropriate attire (including revealing, cut-out, form-fitting tops, and bottom, clothing with offensive language or images). If any student’s attire is questionable, the director will make a decision, and the student will be expected to comply. Also, you must participate fully and do your classwork every single day.

We want you to return to Odyssey every summer. However, students who do not share this vision, choose to misbehave, and, or disregard the expectations, will not be invited to return next year. Or, they may be dismissed and not allowed to complete the summer. 

If you struggle to meet our expectations, we use the three-step OMS discipline policy.

      • Step One: a one-on-one conference with Ms.Hayes, the director.
      • Step Two: a follow-up conference with student, parent, teachers, and director.
      • Step Three: a behavior contract between the student, the parents, and the teachers.

If you still cannot meet our expectations after the third step, you will be dismissed from Odyssey.

In addition, the following actions will result in immediate dismissal from Odyssey:

  1. intentional destruction of school property or theft
  2. fighting, repetitive bullying/harassing fellow students
  3. missing more than three days (excused or unexcused)  July 4 is the only holiday.

With so much fun ahead, we know you don’t want to miss any part of Odyssey. You are here for a reason! You were selected because of how special and important you are. Let’s celebrate that every day in class and throughout the community!

Save the dates!
Our overnight camp – June 22; 8th Grade Networking Event – July 11; Student Expo – July 13; Can Food Drive – TBA