Q: How are you? How is school going?

Jailyn: School is going great! I just started my final semester as a sophomore and looking forward to becoming a junior next school year. I have been helping out some of the organizations around campus but have not committed to joining one yet. One organization that I have been involved with regularly is the Student Alumni Association.

Q: What advice would you give to a new Odyssey Scholar?

Jailyn: Take advantage of all the opportunities that Odyssey presents to you. Network with as many people as possible. Keeping in touch with all the people I have met through Odyssey has helped me out a lot so far.

Q: You were an intern for us last year and active in many of our events, what about Odyssey keeps you coming back?

Jailyn: Odyssey has always been something I have done. I have been involved with Odyssey since elementary school so it’s what I know. Odyssey has been a great environment and overall, I just feel close to Odyssey.

Q: What was the biggest lesson you learned being an intern for Odyssey as opposed to a student?

Jailyn: Being able to talk to the kids and understand what they are going through and why they may have decided to make a decision they made. Being able to deal with, and handle situations with understanding and compassion was a great feeling.

Q: What is next for you?

Jailyn: Graduation and starting my career! I want to be a victims advocate and with my psychology degree, I think I can better connect with and serve victims. My goal is to stay in Atlanta and work with women and children in the communities I grew up in.

Q: How could our supporters, families, and fellow alumni best help you?

Jailyn: Putting me in contact with people that can help me prepare for life post-graduation. I understand the value in networking and mentoring and any insight I could gain to help get my career started is appreciated.