Enrollment for scholars intending to return opened Monday, October 16th, 2017

DEADLINE: RETURNING scholars may continue to enroll through the new student deadline. The deadline to avoid the late fee has passed. The enrollment fee per applicant is $50.00 through February 16th, 2018 at 5:00PM.

Welcome, Returning Odyssey Scholars!

Returning Odyssey scholars receive priority placement ahead of new applicants if...

  1. You attended last summer.
  2. You did not miss more than 3 days (or the equivalent thereof).
  3. You participated in class and completed projects/school work.
  4. You did not get dismissed for behavioral concerns.
  5. You complete an online enrollment by the deadline.

My sibling attended Odyssey, will I get priority?

Each member of a family applies as a new student their first time. Odyssey believes each scholar must be accepted based on their own merit. Odyssey does not give priority to applicants simply because they have or had a sibling in the program.

Enroll to Return to Odyssey

Please complete an enrollment form and pay the one-time $50 registration fee.


Am I a returning student?

If a student attends one summer and skips the next summer, they fill out a new student application and compete in the pool of other new applicants.

If a student did not successfully complete the program during the previous summer, please contact Carissa Engelbert in the main office to check their eligibility to return. These include students who did not finish the program, missed more than three days, or was dismissed for inappropriate behavior.

Returning students must apply by the deadline!

Odyssey cannot re-enroll students without receiving a yearly enrollment form and $35 payment to ensure parent/guardian approval.  If you miss the deadline, you may miss your opportunity to attend Odyssey.

Enrollment for returning scholars begins October 16, 2017. Submit your enrollment form by January 17, 2018, to avoid the late fee. Depending on the number of applications received, returning scholars may continue to apply through the new student deadline with the $15 late fee. Please make sure you are regularly checking email for updates and monitoring the enrollment open and close dates.

In speaking about his experience with Odyssey-

“I see my adventures as stepping stones.”

Bilal Vaughn

Odyssey Scholar Award Recipient 2017