Odyssey Heroes Program

As part of Odyssey’s commitment to build a secure and stable financial future for the organization, Odyssey Heroes commit to donating the four-year cost of a student’s Odyssey journey—$2,500 per year. Heroes are offered unique opportunities to engage with Odyssey students, such as invitations to attend special student events including a special graduation event celebrating our seniors. These individuals have made a unique commitment to strengthen Odyssey and offer students assurance that they are supported by a growing community in their journey through school, into college, and toward leadership beyond graduation. 

Become a Hero! Click the button to the left to complete your form. To learn more about the Heroes Commitment, please contact Jennifer Kellett at 404-367-5149 or jenniferkellett@odysseyatlanta.org

Comer & Brandon Aebersold
Ilene Albert
Drs. Corrie & Aaron Alford
Susan & Brian Banner
Ashley & Lloyd Bell
Jen & Paul Bennecke
Joanna & Robert Benson
Trameka & Jerome Bettis
Barbara Bing & Stuart Pliner
Dr. Sarah Bochar Early
Brand Properties
Marnee & Tim Byrd
Jennifer & DJ Campbell
Carter Arnett LLC
Millay & Bill Chappell
Monica & John Coughlin
Lane & Richard W. Courts IV
Rayford Davis
Reed & Roberta Deupree
Carmen & Hanno Ekdahl
Mary Kent & Jeremy Ellis
 Eleanor Anne & Tyler Fann
Jacqueline Flake & Dave Dase
Reema Gillian
Amy Kim Gira & John Gira
Nancy & Frank Glover
Margie & Barry Goheen
Rebecca & Sanjay Gupta
Rand & Seth Hagen
Ashley & Shawn Hall
Emily & Matthew Heimermann
Allison Hill
Anne Park & Matt Hopkins
Jason & Courtney Howard
Nicole & Andrew Ibbotson
Catherine & J.J. Jaxon
Chambless & Tony Kalka
Sarah & Brian Kirsch
Blake & Chris Kopecky
Carrie & Whit Lanier


Ted Lavender
Barbara Levy
Patricia & William F. Lummus Jr.
Yancey & John McCollum
Whit McKnight
Betsy & Geoff Meacham
Mandira  Mehra & Nikhil Parsh
Deborah & Bruce Miller
Marni & Julian Mohr, Jr.
Louise & Lane Moore
Veronica Morrissette & Vince Gresham
Kristen and Rickie Nelson
Christina Narhi & Michael Nies
Stacey & Davis Noell
Melissa & Shachar Oren
Mundy & Evie Papadopoulos
Jessica Pardi & Bobby Lanier 
Ami Patel
Komal Patel
Swati & Rahul Patel
Lys & Michael Paulhus
Alden & Carter Potts
Michelle & Pete Quinones
Carol Rice
Adam & Britt Richards
Edith & Michael Rogers
Mary & Kristian Schwartz
Linda & Joel Smith
Nadia Mohammed & Dr. Khalid Shash
Kathryn & Jay Simms
Jenny & Bryan Stewart
Greer & Alex Taylor
Robert Thompson & John Stegall
Laura & Peter Troup
Kimberly & Steve Tye
Steven Walker
Kelly & Rod Westmoreland
Anna & Warren Wick
Baade & Roger Wilson
Heather & Jim Wininger