Odyssey relies heavily on the time and talent of volunteers to bolster our program and fundraising activities. Our pool of volunteers includes more than 100 individuals who believe deeply in our efforts to serve Atlanta’s youth, and who have committed to volunteer with our organization.

Ways to Volunteer

Middle Field Trips VolunteerOdyssey recruits a team of motivated high school students to assist Odyssey elementary teachers in the classroom.  Student volunteers discover a deeply profound and inspiring story in each Odyssey Scholar as they work to support each student and mentor for social-emotional learning. Many of our volunteers dedicate their time summer after summer, finding the experience to be deeply rewarding and life-changing.

I have volunteered at Odyssey for the past two years, and both times, it has been the highlight of my summer. I love being with kids, especially when I can help make a difference in their lives. Last year, I enjoyed my class of first graders so much, I came back for a second session. There is nothing better than being greeted in the morning by a group of curious, smiling, toothless students. They brighten my day, and I can’t wait to work with them for a third year! –Emma | Graduate of The Westminster Schools

Volunteering with Odyssey provides current students in grades 8-12 the opportunity to serve low-income Atlanta-based youth and to inspire scholars for lifelong learning. Volunteering with Odyssey is a great opportunity to gain experience in areas such as: teaching, student management, classroom organization, and leadership skills.


Student Volunteer Participation Form


Volunteer Reader 2018

The benefits of reading aloud to students of all ages are well documented—from improving reading comprehension, vocabulary, and sentence structure to instilling a love of reading and literature. Improving students’ literacy skills is one of Odyssey’s primary SMART Objectives. We invite you to be a part of our efforts by sharing your love of reading with one of the Odyssey Elementary classes.

Volunteer Readers are needed each Monday during the lunch hour of the program. 


Odyssey holds several fundraising events each year to help support the program. Volunteers are needed to assist with the planning and coordination of these activities including the Odyssey Annual Brunch, held in February; the 5K Quest Run and Walk, held in June; and “A Night Out for Odyssey,” an evening of wine and food tasting, held in October. Contact our office or click through the tabs above to sign up and/or to inquire about becoming involved in any of these volunteer committees.


College Mentor Luncheon 2018Odyssey’s mission is to expand the ambitions of Atlanta students and help them embark on the path to college. To assist our scholars along their college application journey, Odyssey matches rising seniors with a mentor who will help them navigate the process. These mentors come from a variety of professional backgrounds and are united by a common desire to help guide a young person during a critical transition point. Mentors are asked to make a commitment to work with a student or groups of students for a full academic year. If interested in learning more about the mentoring program, please contact Odyssey’s Program Director. 

Mentor Participation Form

In an effort to devote maximum resources directly to the program and students we serve, Odyssey’s administrative staff is small. Throughout the year, we regularly need extra assistance on administrative matters and research support. Projects are typically short term in nature—a few hours a week—and might include data entry, filing, internet research, or similar type computer work.


Odyssey offers the opportunity for the Atlanta community to tour the program and see Odyssey in action. While we can talk all day about why Odyssey is a life-changing program, the scholars have a particular enthusiasm that fully captivates our mission, curriculum, and passion.

We invite you to be inspired, impressed, and motivated by Odyssey’s students this summer. Help solve a mystery with our 7th-graders in “Odyssey Undercover” as they learn the science behind fingerprinting, DNA, and crime scene investigation. Take an international journey with our 4th-grade “Jetsetters.” Or meet our 11th-grade “Filmers” as they write, director, and edit a short documentary.

Please join us for a tour of Odyssey where you can see our teachers and students in action as they devote their summer to “A quest for knowledge, and a path to college.”

Erin's Student Volunteer Testimonial

As a rising senior, I am figuring out who I am and what I’m going to specifically do in college. In the meantime, I enjoy creating, connecting and trying to make a difference in the world. My school, Atlanta Classical Academy, has really taught me to see the world in a different light. We should share with others what we know and are passionate about. The Odyssey would give me the opportunity to be a mentor to students, to help them forget their worries and be a kid for a day or a week, and just generally provide an outlet for them to shine!

Sophie's Student Volunteer Testimonial

Last year, all of the kids had such a great impact on my life. They all were eager to learn and participate both in the classroom and in activities. Not only was I impressed with the students eagerness to learn, but I also made such great relationship with the kids and I hope to see some of them this year.

Student Volunteer

It was incredible to be able to share my passion for math with these kids and to see them get so excited about learning above and beyond their grade level.

Andrew's Student Volunteer Testimonial

I feel that this would be a great leadership and learning opportunity for me, and I also know that I am privileged to be able to go to Westminster, so I would like to do Odyssey in order to help out and give back to the community. I also think that it would be fun to help out and hang out with the kids.

Catherine's Volunteer Testimonial

I had such a great time last summer watching the kids open up, and see the progress they made academically. I believe this program really makes an impact on the lives of everyone involved, and I would love to be part of it again.

Keniah's Student Volunteer Testimonial

I plan on majoring in Secondary Education or Early Childhood Education, so to get experience I will come every summer to help the teachers with the kids. -Student at KIPP Collegiate High School

Volunteer Voices