We are looking forward to an amazing six weeks with your children as we welcome returning and new students! Our Odyssey teachers have already begun working diligently on lessons, plans, and field trips we will enjoy this summer. All teachers took part in a full-day Saturday planning session during which we developed projects and themes for each class and each grade. Our students will experience project-based learning at its best and enjoy opportunities for experiential, authentic learning.

Please review the bus schedules for morning and afternoon travel, and we ask that you communicate clearly to your child the bus and school drop-off for pick up and departure each day. Please send a note with your child the first day naming the bus route and pick-up location. The excitement of the first day can cause our younger kids to experience some confusion about their travel plans.

Please send your children in comfortable clothes that will allow them to play outside and in the gym. Please honor our request for “modest” clothing styles with no spaghetti straps, short shorts, or inappropriate logos. Also, we ask that you leave electronics at home as they cause a major distraction during our day. You may send a cell phone if you have concerns about travel, but please ask your children to take it out only when a call to home is critical to their well-being.

Your children were selected for their academic promise and for their high character. While we do not anticipate behavior issues, please communicate to your child the high expectations we have of them with regards to behavior and academic effort. We are so fortunate to offer this program on the beautiful Westminster campus, and thus we follow the established conduct and honor code. The following areas would constitute grounds for immediate dismissal:


  • intentional damage to school property
  • misuse or abuse of school bathrooms
  •  fighting, bullying, disrespectful words or actions towards students, Odyssey Volunteers, Odyssey staff, or teachers
  • missing more than three days  

We will provide breakfast, lunch, and a healthy snack each day. Please make sure we are aware on the first day of any food allergies or dietary restrictions for your child. You are welcome to send in a healthy snack as well if you feel that your child needs this in addition to our offerings. Please send in inhalers or epi-pens if this is appropriate and we will keep in the infirmary.

This site should have all phone numbers and contact information you will need. All immediate daily needs should be directed to our Odyssey main or Elementary office phones.

Thank you again for your support and cooperation as we strive to serve your children with our best efforts and hopes for a wonderful and productive summer!


Ann Tedesco

Director Odyssey Elementary


Important Contact Information

Ann Tedesco: Director Odyssey Elementary Office: 

(404) 367-5145

Room 64

Loreal Spencer: Administrative Assistant Elementary Office: (404) 367-5145

Jeff Cohen: Odyssey Executive Director :

(404) 609-6409

Carissa Engelbert: Odyssey Administrative Assistant: (404) 609-5150

Security Westminster Schools: (404) 367-8000

School Directions: (404) 609-6476

Weather Emergency: (404) 609-6444