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The 2018 Odyssey Brunch

My Buckhead Magazine recently featured Odyssey’s 2018 Brunch success. Check out the highlights below:

Record funds were raised for Odyssey Atlanta’s mission to expand the ambitions of Atlanta students and empower them toward higher learning. Thanks to this fundraiser, students (grades one through 12) from economically disadvantaged communities will take part in a six-week summer Project-Based Learning program at The Westminster Schools.

Brunch 2018 Photos

Odyssey Brunch Co-Chairs Betsy Meacham and Catherine Flynn

Sne Patel, Veronica Morissette, Swati Patel, Trameka Bettis

President of The Westminster Schools Keith Evans, Abdul Adem, 2018 Odyssey Scholar Award Honoree Reem Adem, Hikmet Adem, Odyssey Executive Director Jeff Cohen


**Photos by Ben Rose/

Odyssey Brunch in Southern Seasons Magazine

Meet Odyssey’s Founding Trustee-Sandy Smith

Meet Odyssey’s Founding Trustee-Sandy Smith

One of the great things about being a member of the Odyssey family is you have the opportunity to meet amazing leaders.  In the Odyssey Hall of Fame, John "Sandy" Smith holds a special place of reverence.  No trustee has served longer or done more to shape...

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Welcome to Odyssey 2.0

Welcome to Odyssey 2.0! Thank you for joining us in reimagining education. Odyssey Atlanta has a long history in guiding students in their quest for knowledge on their path to college. Our award winning thematic curriculum has demonstrated that an engaged student is a...

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We invite you to learn more about Odyssey’s accomplishments and impact through our annual report and SMART Objectives Analysis.