Week 2 is off to a great start! Watch a short Week 2 at Odyssey video by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGmHdwPJTJg

Field Trips This Week:

9th Grade visited Peachtree High School today! (#walkingtour)
11th and 12th Grade visited UGA today and got to eat in their cafeteria (#jealous)
June 14th: 9th Grade visits Therrell High School
June 14th: 10th Grade visits SCAD
June 15th: 11th Grade visits Atlanta Community Food Bank

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Transportation Reminders:

  1. Don’t forget bus routes can always be viewed on our website: odysseyatlanta.org/transportation
  2. The bus dispatch can be reached at: 404-768-8687. Call dispatch for ETAs, late buses, finding your scholar.
  3. Bus CONCERNS, such as a concern about bus drivers, routes, or behavior should be brought to Mrs. Vielka Reina at 404-367-5090 or vielkareina@odysseyatlanta.org. You may also contact Odyssey’s main office line at: 404-367-5150 or carissaengelbert@odysseyatlanta.org

All parents and guardians: Please be reminded that all bus concerns (outside of bus ETAs) should be brought directly to Odyssey’s leadership. As a adults, our children watch us closely and learn from the ways we interact with one another. Be the example we set out to show our children. Never confront, yell, curse, or otherwise provoke an argument with a bus driver, another parent, or scholar. Odyssey will mediate any issues that may arise with bus drivers, routes, or bullying concerns. Please allow us to do our jobs and, in turn, we will always take your concerns seriously and handle them with care.

Odyssey is so thankful to share our summer with your scholars. We hope, that you’ll continue to reach out to us over the school year to share with us your child’s triumphs, impressive grades, and new undertakings.

Get some rest. See you tomorrow!