Holidays approaching? What a great excuse for getting all of the application materials in for UA Early College! To apply for the UA Early College, students must have requested their transcript to UA Early College’s office, which is required as part of their application (address below).

Students can apply to UA Early College by Friday, January 5 for the upcoming January 2018 UAEC College Readiness Course which will make them eligible to take University of Alabama academic classes during Spring II, Summer I and/or Summer II terms online or on campus.

Plus, students may be eligible for a partial tuition scholarship! Nominate a student for UA Early College by clicking here.

If you or your students have questions, please call and talk with one of our staff members at (205) 348-7083 or 877-823-8759, or by email at

UA Early College
The University of Alabama 
Phone 205-348-7083