Another great day!
June 20th ReCap

6th Grade visited the Oakland Cemetary today. Brushing up on those city-planning and historical importance skills in preparation for building their own Odyssey cities.

7th Grade is solidifying their arguments as prosecutors and defendants, scouring evidence, and preparing for court!

8th Grade is sharpening those negotiating and networking skills, and working on their business plans to prepare for the upcoming Shark Tank…

Tom’s Club is learning about the importance of the largest organ on our body… OUR SKIN! First by making edible skin layer cakes (yes, mom it was all sugar) and following up with handmade sun-screen tomorrow.

Field Trip Reminders:
Tomorrow: June 21st: 7th Grade visits the Georgia Bar Museum
Friday, Middle school overnight begins. If your permission slip has not been turned in, it’s late! Contact Michelle Hayes for questions or details:

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Also, if you tried to reach Odyssey by phone with no luck today… we apologize. There was a campus-wide phone outage that should be fixed by tomorrow morning. Always feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.