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    We are thrilled to share the magic of Odyssey with you. Tours begin at 9:15 am, and typically last 1.5 hours.

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We invite you to be inspired, impressed, and motivated by Odyssey’s students this summer. Help solve a mystery with our 7th-graders in “Odyssey Undercover” as they learn the science behind fingerprinting, DNA, and crime scene investigation. Take an international journey with our 4th-grade “Jetsetters.” Or meet our 11th-grade “Filmers” as they write, director, and edit a short documentary.

Please join us for a tour of Odyssey where you can see our teachers and students in action as they devote their summer to “A quest for knowledge, and a path to college.” By preserving academic momentum achieved during the school year, Odyssey promotes ambition towards higher education and inspires a love for life-long learning. Serving 400 students in grades 1-12 from the Atlanta Public Schools and surrounding districts, the program is designed to inspire student achievement towards high school graduation and the pursuit of a higher degree.