Jeopardy! guest host, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, selects Odyssey as his charity of choice.

We are honored that Dr. Sanjay Gupta, renowned neurosurgeon and Atlanta resident, has selected Odyssey as his charity of choice while guest hosting Jeopardy! for two weeks. Contestant winnings will be matched and donated to our organization.

Odyssey is a transformational academic experience designed to prepare, inspire, and support Atlanta public school students from underserved communities with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed from first grade through college and beyond. Click here to learn more about Odyssey.

Odyssey’s mission is to expand the ambitions of Atlanta students and empower them on a successful journey to college and a fulfilling career.

Odyssey: Atlanta’s Alternative to Summer Camp

Odyssey, a summer program with a proven track record, works with motivated public school students to help improve their school performance and instill a love for lifelong learning. Targeting Atlanta Public Schools students in rising grades 1 to 12 from underserved communities, Odyssey offers an educational six-week summer camp experience for nearly 400 students, focusing on STEAM — science, technology, art, engineering, and math — through a curriculum grounded in Project Based Learning. Odyssey encourages students to embark upon a quest for knowledge and a journey toward higher education.

Offering educational enrichment to children who might otherwise not have access to these experiences has always guided Odyssey’s program. All programs are offered for only a $35 registration fee as a sign of a family’s commitment, with the rest of the student’s tuition paid by donors. Classes are held on the campus of The Westminster schools. Transportation from local elementary schools or the Arts Center MARTA station is provided, as are lunch and snacks. Elementary children also receive breakfast.

Odyssey’s program targets “middle third” students: those students who may need the extra push, the nurturing environment, and the sense of community that a multi-year summer program like Odyssey can provide. We focus on families from Title 1 schools for whom education is important and on students who are willing to make the commitment to Odyssey for multiple summers.

Odyssey’s summer school curriculum exposes students to concepts they covered during the school year but in a more creative, and rich, and experimental environment. Our goal is to make a measurable impact on the academic achievement, career aspirations, and lives of Odyssey students. Odyssey’s Scholars develop lasting friendships, a boost in confidence, and a life-long love for learning.

Why is Odyssey free?

Amazing sponsors & donors pay tuition.

How can I attend Odyssey?

The first step is to apply by the deadline.

Can I be a volunteer?

Yes! We have several volunteer opportunities.

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