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A Quest for Knowledge | A Path to College

Welcome! We’re delighted you’re considering Odyssey as an alternative to summer camp or summer school. At Odyssey, highly-motivated Atlanta-area students in rising grades 1-12 gather on The Westminster Schools campus in Buckhead to participate in a unique project-based curriculum and thematically-driven coursework taught by master instructors.

A successful applicant rises to the top through a competitive selection process to earn the title of Odyssey Scholar. Odyssey alumni include Posse and Bonner Scholars, athletes, musicians, and civically engaged community leaders, and are attending universities all over the country. Odyssey Scholars are the inspirational leaders of tomorrow.

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Enrollment for
returning scholars
September 7, 2021
to November 19th, 2021

Applications for
new students
November 1, 20201
to February 11, 2022

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Why Apply?

“Without the aid from Odyssey and the academic support, college wouldn’t have seemed obtainable. And with Odyssey, college becomes a reality. It becomes more than a dream.”

Shirtoria Smith

Odyssey Alumna and 2018 Intern

Prepare to be a successful summer scholar

Every applicant (new or returning) will need the following to successfully enroll or apply…

Things To Know

Odyssey actively recruits students from low-income or under-performing Atlanta-area schools, students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, and/or students who will become first generation scholars.

Odyssey vows to serve competitive scholars with high academic potential who otherwise may not have the financial opportunity to attend a high-caliber academic program.
Not sure if you qualify? Check out the federal guidelines.

Each new scholar applying will be admitted based on their own merit. Odyssey does not give precedence to any child, regardless if they have siblings in the program.

To read more on Odyssey’s selection process, please visit Odyssey’s FAQs page.

Each Odyssey scholar receives a significant scholarship provided by our sponsors and donors that covers all costs to attend the program.

This scholarship covers daily transportation, daily meals, weekly field trips, all school supplies, as well as all other activities during the program. Odyssey estimates the value of this scholarship to be significant — roughly $2,500 per scholar per summer. Only accepted scholars (new and returning) will pay a $35 annual fee with a credit/debit card to accept their enrollment status and be added to the rosters. Applications are free to fill out.

Attendance and Participation

Odyssey maintains a strict 3-day attendance policy. A scholar may not miss more than 3 days (or the equivalent thereof) for any reason. Scholars may use their three days in any way they see fit without worry of repercussion. However, if a child misses more than 3 days, or is absent or tardy for the equivalent of more than 3 days of instruction, they will be dismissed from the program.

Please review Odyssey’s Official Attendance Policy for further details on attendance expectations: Odyssey Attendance Policy


Odyssey is able to offer transportation within the Perimeter for every scholar.

Scholars coming from outside the Perimeter should check their transportation needs prior to applying.

Grades 1-12 have access to school bus pick up and drop off available at various schools throughout the city of Atlanta. See the school bus routes.

Online applications are preferred. You cannot apply via email or fax.

Need a computer to apply? Use one at your public school or library. Also, remember Odyssey’s applications are mobile-friendly. We also highly encourage families to utilize the Office of Family Engagement | Parents As Partners Academic Center located at 1890 Donald L. Hollowell Parkway NW, Atlanta, GA  30318. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. The center is open to all families of APS students. Call 404-802-3654 for more information.

If you cannot apply online or access a location to apply online, use our Contact Form to request permission for an application via post office mail.

Check School Times

Can you attend starting in June at these times?

Students must adhere to the attendance policy or risk their status in the program. Scholars cannot miss more than 3 days (or the equivalent thereof) and will be expected to complete the entire program.

Odyssey Grades 1-8
June 6 to July 15, 2022 | Monday-Friday

Odyssey Grades 9-11
June 6 to July 8, 2022 | Monday-Friday

Odyssey Rising Seniors (R12th)
June 6 to July 1, 2022 | Monday-Friday

*Seniors will experience an overnight 3-day out-of-state college tour trip during the final week of the program.

Student ID Number

Get Your School’s Student ID #

The public school your child attends assigns a student ID number to each student (this is not a photo ID card). Applicants are required to enter their unique Student ID Number while completing an application. The most common place to find your child’s Student ID Number is on the child’s progress/report cards and is also visible on the school’s student-parent online portal. Many students also use their Student ID Numbers as their Lunch ID Numbers.

If you are having difficulty locating a student ID number, please contact your school. Home schooled or private school applicants may contact Odyssey’s main office (404-367-5150) to receive a generic number to apply.

School Report Card

Have Your Latest Report Card Handy

Each Odyssey scholar must submit a report card from the current academic year. Rising Seniors (current 11th Graders) will need to submit their most recent transcript. While an official PDF version is highly preferred, Odyssey will also accept screenshots from the student-parent portal of progress reports. As part of the application process, we’ll email to your SmartPhone a special link that lets you use your phone’s camera to take a photo of your latest school report card and send it to us.

If you are unable to save a copy before beginning the application, we’ll email to your SmartPhone a special link that lets you use your phone’s camera to take a photo of your latest school report card and send it to us.

Ready to Apply Online

You’re Ready to Apply Online!

Fill out the New Student Application online, ensuring spelling and grammar mistakes are minimal.

Please do not use ALL CAPS or all lowercase while completing the form. Capitalize proper nouns, addresses, etc.

Provide a valid email to receive your confirmation email.

Email inquiries to Carissa Engelbert at: Emails are preferred over phone calls. We are always willing to help dedicated applicants complete a thorough and expressive application.


Applications Available

Click below to apply as a new scholar. New scholars are 1) students who have never attended Odyssey, or 2) students who have attended in the past and did not successfully complete a summer

More on How To Apply as a New Student

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Applications are accepted from mid-November through mid-February each academic year. To receive email reminders regarding applications, fill in the form on the right. Be sure to read the critical information above on how to get ready to apply.