What are YOU doing this summer??

 VOLUNTEER FOR ODYSSEY! Earn community service hours!

Odyssey’s mission is to expand the ambitions of Atlanta students and empower them on a successful journey to college and a fulfilling career. Volunteering with Odyssey provides current students in grades 8-12 the opportunity to serve low-income Atlanta-based youth and to inspire scholars for life-long learning. Teaching, journalism, student and classroom management, art, and physical education are what student volunteers gain experience in on a daily basis.

Who qualifies to volunteer?

• Student volunteers may be from any metro-Atlanta school in grades 9-12.
• Volunteers should have a clear idea of Odyssey’s Mission and passion to actively maintain Odyssey’s high standards for education and service to Atlanta-youth and Odyssey Scholars.
• Student volunteers must be able to carry themselves professionally and represent Odyssey in the best light. Student volunteers will be responsible for daily Odyssey Scholar and teacher support.
• Student volunteers are required to provide a consecutive 10 day commitment at minimum. Commitment shifts are a minimum of 4 hours, with options to volunteer 8-10 hours per day. Volunteers are welcome to offer more volunteer time. Student volunteers who fill out an application and are unable to volunteer for a minimum of 10 days will not be accepted.
• Reliable transportation to and from The Westminster Schools campus is a must. For some, there may be options to ride the school bus with the younger Odyssey Scholars. This MUST be approved by Odyssey staff.
• Ability to take basic instructions and follow and stay on schedule. Ability to stand/supervise outside during recess for proper student/teacher ratio and safety. Ability to lift 20-30 pounds.

Daily Activities:

A student volunteer will be expected to perform the following duties on a daily basis. Other assignments may be given as need arises. An orientation will be provided before the first day of Odyssey and will be required of all student volunteers—new or returning.
·Sign in with the main office each morning and check for daily announcements or updates.
·Check in with classroom teacher before classes begin to ensure instructors have all materials necessary for activities and projects.
·Maintain contact with the Odyssey Scholars under your supervision including providing supervision to the restroom, nurse, office, lunch, recess, etc.
·Student volunteers are expected to stay with their assigned group for the entirety of their shift and not leave their obligations for different activities or to hang out with other student volunteers.
·Student volunteers will frequently attend field trips with their class. Student volunteers will receive an Odyssey T-shirt for easy visibility.
·Lunch and snacks are provided to volunteers. Water bottles are recommended. Volunteers are expected to wait at the end of the line to ensure scholars have enough time to eat before classes resume.

Benefits of Volunteering with Odyssey

Sacrificing your summer vacation is a commitment few will glance over when reviewing your resume. Odyssey is more than happy to write recommendation letters, sign off on school or community service hours, and add perks to your resume or college application. Fields in child development, education, nursing, counseling, and many more will be impressed to see the experience you've gained while at Odyssey.
Many student volunteers come back summer after summer to connect with inspiring Atlanta-based Odyssey scholars as they improve their reading, writing, and math skills. Along the way, volunteers always discover a deeply profound and inspiring story in each Odyssey Scholar as they work to support each student and mentor for social-emotional learning.
Students volunteering for Odyssey get an opportunity to work side-by-side with master teachers, gaining experience in every major subject and student management. Volunteering with Odyssey is a great excuse to gain experience in areas such as: teaching, student management, classroom organization, and leadership skills. Become an Odyssey volunteer to share a truly life-changing summer.
Do you like art? How about science and math? What about recess, field trips, and camping? Are you considering a career in education? Check back soon for applications and earn community service hours while gaining experience in your passion!