Benefits of Volunteering with Odyssey

Sacrificing your summer vacation is a commitment few will glance over when reviewing your resume. Odyssey is more than happy to write recommendation letters, sign off on school or community service hours, and add perks to your resume or college application. Fields in child development, education, nursing, counseling, and many more will be impressed to see the experience you've gained while at Odyssey.
Many student volunteers come back summer after summer to connect with inspiring Atlanta-based Odyssey scholars as they improve their reading, writing, and math skills. Along the way, volunteers always discover a deeply profound and inspiring story in each Odyssey Scholar as they work to support each student and mentor for social-emotional learning.
Students volunteering for Odyssey get an opportunity to work side-by-side with master teachers, gaining experience in every major subject and student management. Volunteering with Odyssey is a great excuse to gain experience in areas such as: teaching, student management, classroom organization, and leadership skills. Become an Odyssey volunteer to share a truly life-changing summer.