Student Applications

New Students


New Students are required to submit their most recent report card (if applicable), a short essay, & a New Student Recommendation Form in addition to their application.

We highly recommend completing the following list BEFORE filling out the New Student Application online:

  1. Write your essay and have it ready to copy & paste into your application. View the topics here: Proposed Essay Topics 2016
  2. Have your New Student Recommendation form submitted by your desired community leader or teacher.
  3. Save your report card as a file on your computer so it can be uploaded easily into the online application.
  4. Fill out the New Student Application:
  5. Prospective Elementary (R1st Grade through R5th Grade) students
  6. Removed! Please email Carissa Engelbert ( with any questions regarding the application process. The applications for the Odyssey 2016 are closed.                                                                           
  7. Prospective Middle & High School (R6th Grade through R12th Grade) students
  8. Removed! Please email Carissa Engelbert ( with any questions regarding the application process. The applications for the Odyssey 2016 are closed.



Thank you for your interest in Odyssey. Odyssey’s application season begins late November and will close in February each year. All Odyssey applications are now digital! Fill out your application with the click of a button.

  1. -Online applications for returning students open Oct. 15th, 2015 and are due by Feb. 8th, 2016.
  2. -Online applications for new students will become available Nov. 30th, 2015 and are due by Feb. 8th, 2016.



Students will need to fill out the New Student Application if 1) it is their first time applying for Odyssey; or 2) they did not successfully complete a previous Odyssey summer program. New student acceptance will be determined by the student’s ability to properly represent themselves in their application, submit their most recent report card, submit a student recommendation form, and complete an essay or other visual project (depending on grade level).

New Student Applicants for all grade levels are available now! These applications do not have to be submitted with an application fee. The nonrefundable application fee of $35 will be requested only when the applicant’s space in the program is confirmed. The submission of the acceptance fee then guarantees the student’s space in the summer program. A space cannot be confirmed without payment. Applications for new students were due by February 8th, 2016. Late applications accrue a $15 late fee.

*Please note, we are no longer able to accept applications by fax.  Paper applications will be made available by emailed or mailed requests only.

New Students will fill any remaining spaces in their RISING grade level that has not already been claimed by a returning applicant. New students: be aware that competition is strong, and has continued to grow dramatically within the past several years. In some cases, applicants may find they are competing with more than 40 other applicants to fill less than 10 available spaces. Over 600 families will apply for Odyssey’s program annually. Be sure your application is complete, with all supporting documents submitted by the deadline for favorable consideration. Each student must be accepted on their own merit. Odyssey does not provide priority or preference to new students of Odyssey siblings.



Odyssey typically recruits an additional 150+ students per year; another 100+ students will be held on our waiting list. Competition is fierce, be sure your application is filled out properly, and accompanied by all the necessary supporting documents (most recent report card, student recommendation form, and essay/project). Finalists may be notified to schedule an in-person interview. Application fees will not be collected until the applicant has been confirmed for participation. Application fees are nonrefundable. Students chosen to participate in Odyssey 2017 will be notified by March 2017.

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If you are a returning Odyssey student, you must complete the Returning Student Application. Odyssey now offers online applications as of 2016. Submission of a $35.00 registration fee is required to save your spot for Odyssey. We have added debit and credit card payment options for your convenience to help ensure your application and application fee can be submitted all at once. To ensure your spot in Odyssey, this is highly recommended. Check, money order, or cash is acceptable, but not preferred (see application for details). Applications for returning students are due by January  2017. (Late applications will be accepted through mid-February 2017, but will be assessed a $15 nonrefundable late fee.*)

*Please note, we are no longer able to accept applications by email or fax.  Paper applications will be made available by emailed or mailed requests only.


  • Returning Students- Students who successfully completed the previous summer program receive priority acceptance as an added perk of being an Odyssey alum. However, applicants cannot be confirmed without the application and application fee. Be certain your return student has their application and application fee submitted to Odyssey before the deadline. If the deadline is missed, your child may miss their opportunity to participate, as their spot cannot be guaranteed after this date. Odyssey cannot re-enroll students without the application and parent/guardian approval. We will confirm the receipt of your application through an automated email reply, please be sure to provide an appropriate email address while filling out your application.

 Any returning student who successfully completes their application process by the deadline is guaranteed priority placement before new student applicants are extended invitations. If a student participates one summer, then skips the next summer, they will be required to fill out a “new student application” and compete in the pool of other new applicants.

Return Student Application Form for Odyssey Summer 2017

Odyssey 2017 applications for interested returning students will be available October 2016 to mid-February 2017. Please continue to check back for exact updates and instructions.

**Please direct any comments, questions, or concerns about the application or application process to:
Carissa Engelbert
Odyssey Administrative Assistant and Team Coordinator
Office: (404)367.5150

**Emails will be responded to during regular business hours.

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Application Forms

Application Dates to Remember:

Thank you for your interest in Odyssey. All Odyssey applications are now digital!
Fill out your application with the click of a button.

  • -Online applications for returning students open Oct. 15th, 2016 and are due by Jan. 26th, 2017. Late applications will be accepted up to mid-February 2017 but must be accompanied with the late fee for consideration.
  • -Online applications for new students will become available November 21st, 2016 and are due by March 2017.

Things to Know:

Students who choose to return to Odyssey year after year experience priority acceptance for each subsequent year they apply. However, if a student successfully completed one year, skipped the next year, and choose to reapply the next, he or she will need to fill out a New Student Application.

Students who have never attended Odyssey, or did not successfully complete the program, will need to apply through the New Student Application process. This application is slightly longer, and will need to be accompanied by the applicant’s most recent report card, a New Student Recommendation Form, and a short essay. All essays are age appropriate. For older students, this is typically an essay on a predetermined topic. For younger students, this is typically a collage, picture, or other creative medium.

Student Recommendation Forms:

A Student Recommendation Form is required for each new student. Odyssey is happy to send these forms via email to the individual of your choice. Simply send Carissa Engelbert ( an emailed request that includes 1)The name of the individual you wish to complete your recommendation, and 2) that individual’s email address. You are also free to email this individual yourself with Odyssey’s website link. We are most impressed with recommendations from teachers, counselors, principals, or other community leaders. We also love to see the extracurricular activities our students involve themselves in, so a recommendation from your boy/girl scout leader, a church group representative, or other foundation members or mentors are other fantastic sources. Please choose an individual who has known you for a long time, preferably one (1) or more years.

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Parent and Student FAQs

How much does the Odyssey program cost?

Odyssey charges a nominal $35.00 registration fee for each student accepted into the program.  The actual cost per student, including transportation and meals, is significant–nearly $3,000.  These expenses are covered by the generous donations and contributions of local foundations, businesses, and individuals; the Atlantic Public Schools; and The Westminster Schools. 

How long does the Odyssey program last?

Odyssey is a six-week program. Odyssey High runs for five weeks. Each week consists of five activity-filled days beginning at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m. (3:10 for Odyssey High students).  Odyssey students and their families must make a committment to attending Odyssey.  Students cannot miss more than 3 days of the program, regardless of whether or not the absences are excused.  This dedication  helps students reach their full potential and gain the most from the Odyssey summer program.

How do the students get to The Westminster Schools?

Buses provided by the Atlanta Public School system will pick up the younger Odyssey students at designated APS elementary schools. Parents may also drop off/pick up their students, and older students are allowed to drive themselves. If they choose, non-driving middle and high school students will receive MARTA cards to get to the Arts Center MARTA Station and then take a bus provided by Odyssey to The Westminster Schools.

How do I sign up my child?

Odyssey recruits students that attend Atlanta Public Schools; with exceptions extended to return students who may have moved outside the APS district.  All students will need to complete an online application. New Students will also need to submit their most recent report card (if applicable), a New Student Recommendation Form, and a short essay (appropriate for each age group). Odyssey highly recommends having these additional documents prepared BEFORE the application process is started.  The New Student Recommendation Form can be found here. A listing of the Elementary schools with which Odyssey collaborates can be found here.

What if my child didn’t complete a year, but wants to reapply?

A student that did not successfully complete a summer at Odyssey, is welcome to reapply, but must reapply as a NEW student. The student will need to be accepted on their own merit, in the same pool as other new applicants. For example, a student missed more than three days and therefore did not successfully complete Odyssey, may reapply in a subsequent year, but will need to reapply as a NEW student using the New Student Application.

Please keep in mind that a student who was dismissed for poor behavior or other behavioral or disciplinary charges may not reapply. Offenses such as stealing, bullying, fighting, or sexual harassment are expulsionary offenses and a student who engages in said activities cannot return to Odyssey.

How are students chosen to participate in Odyssey’s program?

Admission is based on a variety of criteria. The Odyssey program is a focused program aimed to help the “middle third” students at Atlanta Public Schools. Our goal is to give students the extra help in the summer months so they can excel in the coming school year and improve their chances for college acceptance. These students enjoy being challenged and are goal oriented; they enjoy extracurricular activities and the ability to learn new skills.

The selection committee looks closely at the student’s recommendations as well as at the student application and report card. Students need to be able to articulately express themselves in their application and application essay. New Students will also have to complete an essay, or other creative medium depending appropriate for their grade level. 

I have a RETURNING student & a NEW student. What do I do?

Odyssey gives priority placement to returning students. As long as a student successfully completes the Return Student Application and returns it to Odyssey with payment by the posted deadline, they will be accepted back into the program.

New Students will gain access to apply beginning Nov. 30th. New Students need to ensure they are diligently completing the application process and returning it with the necessary supporting documents by the deadline in order to be considered. Having a sibling that is already a confirmed participant of Odyssey, does not constitute special treatment or placement within the program. Each student must be admitted into Odyssey on their own merit.

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